Voor Suus

Name: Voor Suus

Category: Installation

Material: Horseblanket with embroidery horsehair

Dimensions: 260 x 190 cm

Date: 2022

When the opportunity arose for the exhibition at ”De Paardenkamp”

I immediately thought of this idea which I already had in mind.

Horsehair, embroidered on an old blanket of my own horse, with the hair from different horses of ”De Paardenkamp”. The writing is this beautiful poem from Frieda de Witte, Named: Voor Suus.

The embroidering was done with hairs from different horses living at ”De Paardenkamp”, thereby connecting all these different, elderly horses with all their different pasts together.

The shedded hairs and the blanket are symbols of returning seasons and growing older, and wiser, as well as the loving care given to them by their past owners.