Suzanne Vellema (1989) grew up in a small rural town in the northern parts of Friesland (the Netherlands), most of her childhood was filled with drawing, painting, books and horses. Dreaming she would be like Van Gogh someday, as that was her favorite painter as a child. She was only 15 when she and her little sister got their first horse, Nena. Most of her teenager’s life was spent in the stable or on a horseback. When she completed her fashion/tailor education, she applied for Fine Art School. During and after her bachelor in Fine Art at Minerva (Groningen), she worked for a few equestrian clothing brands. Designing new collections and going to clients for bespoke equestrian competition jackets. When it was time for her horse Nena to relax and retire, Suzanne Vellema decided to move to Brabant. A place filled with wood- lands and many horse enthusiast, where she works on her artistic practice.

Member of Paard Verzameld Collective


I am a multidisciplinary conceptual equine artist, and use photography, video, painting, drawing, metal and 3D objects to create artworks.

Most of my work is completely self-made, but with some photos and videos I have the help of others, as I am in the image myself and can’t direct the equipment.

The primary focus of my art is about the relationship between horses and humans, and how a synergy can form between two completely different beings. The feeling I have when I am with my horse, the unity, the melting together, like a dance that suddenly forms. In most of my work I research how to capture that feeling, and how to take the audience with me in that feeling. Capturing the essence of my horse in paint, her movement, colour and studying her fur coat. Or capture our dance on camera…

In some other works I research shamanism and its relation with horses, or the meaning of the horse in the current age versus the old days. With horsehair and metal, most of the times in abstract forms. Horses were very important in the old days, and still are in some Siberian Shaman cultures.

The subject Horse (just like Art) is something that has always been present in my life. That those two subjects mixed and formed together as one was only natural. My horse is my passion and my endless source of inspiration for Art.