As an artist, I, Suzanne Vellema, strive to create work that captures the synergy and connection between humans and horses. My primary focus is on exploring the relationship between humans and horses and how they can form a unique bond that transcends their differences.

I aim to capture the feeling of unity and harmony that arises when I’m with my horse, as if we’re dancing together. I experiment with different media, such as textile, photography, and video, to convey the essence of my horse’s movements, colors, and texture, and to share that feeling with my audience.

In some of my works, I delve into the intersection of spirituality and horses, exploring the historical and cultural significance of these majestic animals. I incorporate horsehair, textiles and metal in abstract forms to evoke their symbolism and power.

Horses and art have always been a part of my life, and merging the two is a natural expression of my passion and inspiration. My horse is not just a subject for my art, but a lifelong companion and a source of joy and creativity.

Artist Suzanne Vellema looking at the exhibited artwork named Voor Suus

Suzanne Vellema (1989) grew up in a small rural town in the northern parts of Friesland (the Netherlands). Throughout her childhood, she immersed herself in drawing, painting, books, and horses. Van Gogh was her favorite painter, and she dreamed of becoming an artist like him someday.

At the age of 15, she and her little sister got their first horse, Nena, and most of her teenage years were spent in the stable or on horseback. After completing her education in fashion and tailoring, she applied to Fine Art School.

During and after her bachelor’s in Fine Art at Minerva (Groningen), Suzanne worked for equestrian clothing brands, designing new collections and creating bespoke equestrian competition jackets for clients. Her passion for art and horses continued to flourish, and she found solace in both during difficult times.

Suzanne’s unique perspective and experiences have inspired her art, which has been exhibited across the country and internationally. In addition to her artistic practice, she is committed to raising awareness about a neurological condition (FND) she lives with, and advocating for others who live with it. She speaks about her journey and how art has been a source of inspiration and healing for her.

Now based in Brabant, a place filled with woodlands and many horse enthusiasts, Suzanne continues to create works that invite viewers to explore the beauty and complexity of life.

Member of Paard Verzameld Collective